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10 Must-See Things in NYC

The City that Never Sleeps – and for good reason – offers endless opportunities. Everyone has their own favorite things to do in New York, but we’ve got a list of essential experiences no city traveler should miss. Our picks range from the obvious (Rockefeller Center) to the less-known (the African Burial Ground). Here’s our highly subjective and highly thorough list of the must-see things in NYC.

Rockefeller Center

– A visit to New York City isn’t complete without a trip to Rockefeller Center. You’ll be amazed by all the art deco details throughout the enormous complex, but even more impressed with the views from 30 Rock (the tower’s nickname).

Empire State Building

– Another obvious must-see, the Empire State Building is one of New York’s most famous landmarks. The impressive 102 story skyscraper that opened in 1931 holds several world records for height, including being the first building to have more than 100 floors. It also offers some pretty incredible views of Manhattan from its observatories, 86th Floor and the very top.

The High Line

– A former railway line turned public park, The High Line is a gem. It spans more than 1 mile with unique views of Manhattan’s West Side and stretches up to 30 feet above street level at several points. Don’t miss it!


– DUMBO, a Brooklyn neighborhood that is short for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,” combines awesome sightseeing opportunities with amazing food and drinks. You can take a cable car or walk across the bridge, then explore vintage shops and art studios as well as trendy restaurants and cafés. It’s interesting to see another side of NYC as well as glimpse the Manhattan skyline.

Brooklyn Bridge

– The beautiful Brooklyn Bridge connects DUMBO to the Financial District of New York City, crossing over the East River. It’s also one of the oldest suspension bridges in America. Be sure to get a picture while you’re here! The bridge offers great views that are especially spectacular at night when it’s all lit up.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

– From paintings and sculptures to jewelry and crowns, the Met houses a wealth of art from around the world. The American Wing alone holds more than five thousand pieces while over two million artifacts are in total. It’s impossible to see everything here in one day, but it makes for a nice day trip during your stay in NYC.

The Statue of Liberty

– The famous statue was a gift from France to the United States and commemorates the centennial of the American Declaration of Independence. Visitors can climb up to Lady Liberty herself, but expect long lines. You’ll also get great views of lower Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Jersey City from the observation deck.

Grand Central Terminal

– Grand Central has been called an “epic poem in stone.” It’s a beautiful example of beaux arts architecture built over 100 years ago, and one of the most famous landmarks in New York City. And here’s some trivia for you: did you know that it used to have a secret train platform that allowed the president to get on a train without being seen by the public?

Ground Zero

– The Tribute WTC Visitor Center is open at Ground Zero 365 days a year from 9:30 am until 8 pm. Visitors can see displays about how 9/11 affected people from all walks of life, including information about rescue efforts. You can also see where the remains of the World Trade Center were kept and read about how it’s being rebuilt today.

The 9/11 Memorial

– The 9/11 Memorial opened in 2011, almost ten years after the attacks. It’s created as two large pools with cascading waterfalls surrounded by bronze panels engraved with the names of those who died on 9/11.

These 10 Must-See Things in NYC are just a few of the amazing things to discover when you visit. There’s so much more to see!
Which among these places would you love to go to first? Share your comments down below!